‘Fashion to me means anti-fashion’

Eyes wide open for DREARIAN, the boy who mixes Lo Fi tunes with alternative garage grunge acoustics. His Facebook bio just says he’s an ‘excessive lo-fi obsessive. armed with a guitar, a mic, some home made pedals and a tape recorder.’ His real name is mysterious and his passion for tapes is glaring.
We had a little chat with the creative mind from Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, United Kingdom, check it out below.


Drearianweb7Who are you?

My name is Drearian, cult leader for a lo-fi generation sick to death of technology. Born from the ash of burnt cassette tape and cigarettes, bringing you music to kill the black hearted hate and deal with insecurities.

What is your Name about? Is Drearian your real name or an artist name?

Drearian is a stage name, it comes from my lust to regain my childhood again, due to the fact I’m about to hit adulthood, this relates to dorian gray wishing for eternal youth, but I figured I’m a bit more dreary than all that aesthetic stuff from the 1800s.

What is your ‘BOOTS’ EP about?

My EP is a sentiment to lost childhood, lust, hate and love leaving. The first track on the EP talks about my dreams and emotions, velvet often being significant of higher class and beauty. Love song, is a conversation with myself about self loathing, fear of abandonment and lust for love. And clanger is about me losing my childhood, the clanger representing my childhood ofc.

In which way are you influenced and inspired by other artist?

Lyrically I’m inspired by a lot of beat literature especially Ginsberg and Burroughs. Sonic Youth have also always inspired me, my newer stuff is a lot more noisy, inspired by a lot of early grunge and hints of sixties avant-garde.

What’s on your MP3?

Thats a question and a half, a lot of nineties stuff, grunge and riot grrl. I love beck too, I think hes an amazing lyricist, but of course sonic youth are my favourite band. I’ve also got a lot of modern lofi stuff, teen suicide, elvis depressedly and my favourite dandelion hands (if youve not listened to him check him out). I also love the neo grunge scene atm, bands like Kagoule, Tigercub, and The Wytches. I work in a record shop so im massively into vinyl too, i get into a lot of new artists that way.

Imagine if you could choose another decade of music and fashion, which one would it be?

Without a doubt the nineties, no question about it, I’m pretty sure thats where I belong.

What means fashion to you?

Fashion to me means anti-fashion, attempting to avoid everything remotely “fashionable” I dont think I’ve bought an item of clothing from anywhere but a charity/vintage shop in the past 2 years.

How would you describe your style?

Somewhere between anti-fashion and nineties grunge I’d say, with a hint of charity shop weirdo.

What influences you in the way you dress?

I think more than anything people like beck (the mellow gold period) and thurston moore, their whole look is honestly my goals, I think I just wish I was in an experimental band in the nineties to be honest.

Indispensable piece of clothing for you?

I have this old vintage acrylic cardigan, massive holes in the elbows but I love it to death. It’s honestly beautiful.

What did you pack in your suitcase?

Ripped jeans, weird band tshirts, a pair of Docs from the eighties and a mixture of old vintage cardigans and charity shop jumpers.

Thanks a lot for the sweet interview. Also check out his latest track called ‘Antibrexit’ (band camp link below).

Stay tuned..

xx smoke and echoes



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