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We’re giving away 2×2 tickets to see PABST, 15th September 2018in Berlin! All you have to do is send us a DM on instagram and tell us with who you’d like to go and see PABST live on stage.
Tell all your friends about it, to  increase your chances to win 2×2 tickets!

Winners will be informed on Friday, 14th September 2018!

Love and good luck,
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On a desperate search for a woman to make music with, Tim Sullivan from Australia, found Tom Apell from Munich instead. One coffee after the other, talks and the shared passion for music by Chris Issak and Chris Rea, they decided to form the band which is called The Nice Nice.

Here’s what The Nice Nice sounds – a cover of ‘Seabird’ by Alessi Brothers.

If you want to hear more of The Nice Nice, you should stay tuned, they’ve got some EP’s ready for you, which will be released next year!

xx smoke  and echoes

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We’re giving away 2×2 tickets for musikexpress klubtour, 2nd September 2018in Berlin! All you have to do is send us a DM on instagram and tell us with who you’d like to party and see Isolation Berlin, Der Ringer, Yukno and Kann Karate.
Tell all your friends about it, to  increase your chances to win 2×2 tickets!

Winners will be informed on Thursday, 30th August 2018!

Love and good luck,
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How about catchy songs which are the ideal addition for your summer playlist or even for the colder nights, whilst sitting by the window filled with wanderlust?

On our perpetual search for new artists and talents we came across an indie rock band from Berlin, just formed by Janik Setz (singer songwriter) and Tobias Hanel (guitar) in 2017. After playing several shows over the last few months in Germany, the UK and Norway as a duo, Janik and Tobias decided to start playing with an entire band and so Fréderic Auburger (drums) and Fabian Timm (bass) completed the band, which is KALON!

We have the extraordinary pleasure to host their very first music video for ‘Gotta Let Go’ (released 8th June 2018) exclusively for the next 24 hours on our website – we hope you will enjoy it as much as we do!

STAY TUNED for our interview with KALON to get to know them better – out soon!


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It’s the time of year – Melt Festival is ready to open their gates again for an unforgettable weekend, at a very unique location near Dessau (Saxony-Anhalt) and with a brilliant line-up. You shouldn’t miss it!

We’re giving away a pair of tickets for this years Melt! All you have to do is send us a DM on instagram and tell us with who you’d like to go to Melt. Tell all your friends about it, to  increase your chances to win 1×2 tickets!

Winner will be informed on Wednesday, 20th June 2018!

Love and good luck,
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As you know we’re also still looking for new talents and music and we found something very interesting for you, with a modern sound and nostalgic vibes – SAINTS!

SAINTS are Dean and Daniel, currently Berlin based, who just released their first ever EP ‘Too Deep’ exclusively for a free stream on SoundCloud. Click here to listen to ‘Too Deep’ and dive into another world of sound and emotion.

Stay tuned for our feature on them, which will be out soon!

Saints 2web

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It’s the time of the year – it’s Christmas time. We’d like to thank you for your love and constant support and thought it might be a great opportunity to surprise you the following 24 days with some very special things!

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The rules of this competition are pretty simple. Just drop us an email with the subject ‘CHRISTMAS’ to smokeandechoes@gmail.com and tell us the day of the surprise you wanna win and your name (for example: DAY 1 / NAME LAST NAME). If you’re one of our lucky winners, you will receive a separate email the following day. Stay tuned and enjoy the festive season with us!

A very special thanks to Universal Music Germany, for making it possible to create this advent calendar!


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We have the extraordinary pleasure to host the preview of the debut solo EP  ‘AM-BPM’ by Russell Swallow exclusively for the next 24 hours.

Click here to listen to ‘AM-BPM’ and enjoy the next 14 minutes and 31 seconds with Russell Swallow’s first EP on SoundCloud!

Stay tuned for our interview with Mister Swallow and more information about this talented British man. Psssssst sign up to Russell’s mailing list at www.russellswallow.com and you’ll get a bonus track.

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xx smoke and echoes

It’s really happening! 

Our friends from small sessions asked us if we wanna jump on board for their beautiful concert tour ‘small sessions live’ at Auster Club, Berlin. It’s such a lovely concept and we’re happy to be officially a part of it!


Incidentally we would like to take the opportunity to say THANK YOU!

We’re stoked and deeply grateful for all the love and support we received over the last one and a half year and wanna say thank you to every single one of you!

A massive thank you to all of our constant readers, all the lovely and motivating things you said, the opportunities we were given, the mails we’re getting every day, every like and heart, to all of you artists who already worked with us and at least for sharing the art and love with us!

We know that we’ve been a bit quiet these last few months due for a variety of reasons and we’re really sorry about that, but we’re trying our very best to feed you with loads of delicious things very soon!

So stay tuned and keep ya ears and eyes peeled – great things are here to come!

Lots of Love,
xx smoke and echoes


These four Londoners are absolute legends. They used one of our Polaroids and made a poster out of it. We love it!
Check out their latest music video ‘You Said You Saw Us’ below and don’t forget to catch them live, their sound is a smashing mix of glam-rock, psych-rock and post-punk tunes and definitely worth a listen.

Stay tuned for our interview with Matt Saunders (vocals, guitar), Matt Wood (guitar), Oli Paget-Moon (bass) and Jordan Cook (drums).


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(german version below)

Goodbye, Au Revoir, Auf Wiedersehen. Over and out. We’re back from our 4 day trip to Hamburg’s Reeperbahn Festival. Beautiful venues, numerous talents, interesting workshops and conferences, and a passionate organisation with an eye for the details summed up the heavy hearted ending to this year’s festival season. Not that we have a lot of time to think about it, we’re more than ready and absolutely thrilled for all the upcoming club shows that should get us through the cold part of the year and we’re more than grateful for the summer that we had. Smoke and echoes was honoured to attend the Flying Vinyl Festival in London and the Immergut Festival to open the season in may. We then went on to attend Melt! Festival, followed by the Pure & Crafted in Berlin and the Lollapalooza Berlin. The Reeperbahn Festival was just the fitting end to this year’s summer season.


We would like to let you know how much we appreciate the opportunities we have been given by all of you, promoters as well as managements, agencies and artists. Thank you so much for your trust and letting us share our love and passion for music in this particular way. We never expected our concept of smoke and echoes to be such an instant success, and certainly never expected to meet so many amazing people and new friends. We are more than excited for what’s to come, our minds are full of new ideas, ready to let this beautiful experience grow.

“Smoke and echoes is more than just a random blog about music and fashion
– it’s a matter that is close to our hearts.”



Wir sagen GoodbyeAuf Wiedersehen und Au Revoir zur diesjährigen Festivalsaison. Hinter uns liegen 4 wunderbare Tage und Nächte im Herzen von Hamburg – der Reeperbahn. Neben imposanten Venues, zahlreichen Talenten, informativen Workshops und Konferenzen, liebevoller Aufmachung und Detailverliebtheit fand unsere Festival Saison dieses Jahr nun schweren Herzens ein Ende. Doch für uns noch lange kein Grund traurig zu sein, denn wir dürfen uns alle auf tolle Club-Shows im Herbst/Winter freuen und sind mehr als dankbar für diesen wunderbaren Festivalsommer. Für smoke and echoes durften wir neben dem Flying Vinyl Festival in London auch das Immergut Festival als Auftakt der Festivalsaison, im Mai, für euch besuchen. Weiter ging es mit dem Melt! Festival, gefolgt vom Pure & Crafted und dem Lollapalooza Berlin. Als krönender Abschluss durfte das Reeperbahn Festival natürlich nicht fehlen.


An dieser Stelle möchten wir uns von ganzem Herzen für das entgegengebrachte Vertrauen, sowohl von Veranstalter-Seite als auch von Seiten der Managements, der Agenturen und der Künstler, bedanken. Vielen Dank für eure Zusammenarbeiten und dass ihr eure Liebe und Leidenschaft zur Musik mit uns teilt. Wir hätten uns nie träumen lassen, dass unser Projekt smoke and echoes auf so viel Zustimmung stoßen würde, nie hätten wir gedacht so viele tolle Menschen und Freunde dadurch kennenzulernen und zu treffen. Wir schauen positiv in die Zukunft, unsere Köpfe sind gefüllt mit Ideen und viel Energie, die nur so darauf wartet wie ein Feuerwerk den Himmel zu verzaubern.

“Smoke and echoes is more than just a random blog about music and fashion 
– it’s a matter that is close to our hearts.”





xx smoke and echoes