Smoke and echoes will be dedicating their efforts to the symbiotic nature between music and fashion via social media. They will be reporting about artists and designers in the music and fashion world that inspire them – showcasing their unique styles.

“Smoke and echoes is more than just a random blog about music and fashion – it’s a matter that is close to our hearts.”

founder & editor in chief

Jules is a freelance fashion designer and stylist. Art and music have been her passion since she was young. Her Mum always told her that she just needed to stroke the strings of her guitar to stop baby Jules from crying and be perfectly satisfied – her passion for music was literally put into her cradle. She played the keys for seven years and has a strong love for singing. Whilst working on her designs, music is her biggest inspiration and impulse. Strong silhouettes and remarkable fabrics are some of her trademark design elements. Her daily outfits contain mostly a fancy (leather) jacket and a nice pair of boots. She always keeps her eyes and ears peeled for newcomer and talents.


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