video wednesday

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To appreciate much more than just a great tune, we thought we should also focus on amazing music videos and artists such as fantastic actors, stylists, make-up-artists, videographers, art-directors and all the of the other creative minds behind a brilliant  video!
Therefore we will feature our favourite video of the week every Wednesday from now on!

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The English glam rockers are back with their second studio album ‘Young & Dangerous’ (26the October 2018 via Interscope) and also back on the road and screens of the world. Here’s their latest (lyric) music for ‘In Love With A Camera’.

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We’re kicking off our new weekly topic VIDEO WEDNESDAY with a brand new music video by our dear friends from Parcels and their single ‘Tape’, from their debut album, which is out since October 2018 (Kitsuné).

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Did you know that the first ever music video was ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen? The costs for the production in 1975 amounted to £ 4500, which marked 1 tenth of the costs for the production of the entire LP.