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To appreciate much more than just a great tune, we thought we should also focus on amazing music videos and artists such as fantastic actors, stylists, make-up-artists, videographers, art-directors and all the of the other creative minds behind a brilliant  video!
Therefore we will feature our favourite video of the week every Wednesday from now on!

“‘Hollow’ is a tropical bedroom jam between me and Look Mum No Computer. It’s pretty much all Fender Tele and Kosmo, the Mad Max garbage synth. In keeping with the themes of 404, it’s all about emptiness.” – Barns Courtney*

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in cooperation with Universal Music Germany

“With this video what I wanted to show was a lot of different people in different situations, all reaching some level of comfort within their struggle. That despite whatever hardship they’re enduring, they feel some solace knowing that it will pass and that through love and support from the people closest to them, good times will find them again.” – Dermot Kennedy*

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in cooperation with Universal Music Germany

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in cooperation with PIAS

‘My Cheating Heart’ marks the debut single of Matthew Murphy, better known as Murph, lead singer of British indie-pop-rock trio The Wombats. The name of his solo project is called Love Fame Tragedy and is named after a groundbreaking Picasso exhibition in Tate Modern. Murph will be touring as Love Fame Tragedy in September this year, for some very intimate shows. Here’s his first single and video for ‘My Cheating Heart’.

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in cooperation with Verstärker

“As the name implies, songs take their time in The Slow Show. This is music built to last. That’s not accidental: singer Rob Goodwin and keyboardist Frederick ’t Kindt spent 18 months honing every note of ‘Lust And Learn’ into shape. Kindt helped establish leading Manchester studio Blueprint and knows the best local strings and brass players, who have helped The Slow Show since the start, while the Halle Youth Choir and vocalist Kesha Ellis act as the perfect counterpoints to Goodwin’s rich, sonorous voice.”*

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in cooperation with PIAS

“Having proven they’re ones to watch after featuring in Noisey UK,CLASH, Fred Perry and Indie Shuffle, supporting Everything Everything and garnering over 15 million streams on Spotify, Indie outfit KYTES return with their infectious indie- disco anthem‘Alright’.”*

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“Sometimes even summer can be an asshole. There’s something quite cynical about it, when the earth relentlessly flourishes and blooms, while the sun seems to be laughing down at you and your stagnating life. A feeling Máni Orrason is all too familiar with, seeing as his life really didn’t want to hop on that summer train last year. With »Privilege Of Time«, the second single from his upcoming EP »BABY ANGEL«, the young Iceland native delivers his counter reaction to that experience and furthermore presents to us his personal summer hit.”*

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Máni’s EP »BABY ANGEL«, will be released in June 2019 via Humming Records.

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The English glam rockers are back with their second studio album ‘Young & Dangerous’ (26the October 2018 via Interscope) and also back on the road and screens of the world. Here’s their latest (lyric) music for ‘In Love With A Camera’.

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We’re kicking off our new weekly topic VIDEO WEDNESDAY with a brand new music video by our dear friends from Parcels and their single ‘Tape’, from their debut album, which is out since October 2018 (Kitsuné).

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Did you know that the first ever music video was ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ by Queen? The costs for the production in 1975 amounted to £ 4500, which marked 1 tenth of the costs for the production of the entire LP.

*text is taken from the original EPK/press release