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To appreciate much more than just a great tune, we thought we should also focus on amazing music videos and artists such as fantastic actors, stylists, make-up-artists, videographers, art-directors and all the of the other creative minds behind a brilliant  video!
Therefore we will feature our favourite video of the week every Wednesday from now on!

“I’ll Be Sweet was directly inspired by David Lynch’s ‘Blue Velvet’’s character arcs; I was interested in writing around the theme of sexual manipulation and utilising lust as a tool for survival. The song revolves around the power play between the antagonist and the protagonist through different themes of possession and exploitation. There’s a secondary plot, in which there is a secret longing and comfort alongside this toxic relationship, much like between Dorothy and Jeffery’s characters.

I wrote this song whilst I was in my old band with my two close friends; we would stay up late talking about our muses, stick on records and smoke endless chains of cigarettes. When it came to reimagining this track for the album, my producer, Calum Wotherspoon, and I composed the guitar solos to almost dance with one another… The Hank Marvin aesthetic on the end was the perfect cherry on top.” – Olive Featherstone

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“Being homesick doesnt have to be longing for a place, a person can be more of a home than any specific place. If that person leaves, you’d do anything to get them back. This is a song about longing, and desperation to get someone back, no matter what the cost.” – KALON

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“‘Glue’ follows the band’s comeback single ‘Take Your Time’, which arrived earlier this summer and ushered in a new era for the Newcastle trio, in the wake of gargantuan singles ‘Swim For Your Life’ and ‘Polaroid’ which were released in 2019 to critical acclaim.

Where ‘Take Your Time’ saw Pale White at their most anthemic and immersive, ‘Glue’ is a balls to the wall, distortion drenched banger that not only embraces the band’s roots, but pushes things into their heaviest territory to date. It’s a mammoth statement from The Pale White that lays the foundation for a gamechanging 2021.”*

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„We knew we wanted the video to feel as spiteful as the song itself, and were at pains to make sure the band were the ones under attack -like we were in the middle of a collective anxiety dream. It’s abstract and it’s harrowing. It’s everything a nightmare’s supposed to be.” – Will Taylor*

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in cooperation with Verstärker

“Drifting initially was written after I (Rob) watched the movie interstellar last summer. We then started working it up together in March whilst we were all locked into our house.
The dystopian storyline really grabbed me back then and it so happened that the lyrics suit what everyone is going through right now, which is really freaky. It’s a song about feeling like you’re drifting. Not having control over what’s happening, distance, daydreaming , growing up and learning for the better.” – Rob Ellis, Cassia*

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“’Do Right’ was written in Cape Town where the landscape and culture helped to sculpt the sound and inspire the concept behind the lyrics. The idea for the song was triggered by a conversation I had with my friend Jeremy out there, he described to me in such detail devastating happenings around the world and it made me realize my own lack of awareness. I didn’t know a whole lot about what he was talking about and I felt ashamed. The lyrics draw on the idea that even if you find yourself inattentive to what is going on around you, you can still make that conscious decision to positively change what is happening now. I think understanding that you aren’t yet completely awake is the first step to living a much more fulfilled life.” – Rob Ellis, Cassia*

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“The lyrics for these songs draw their soul from my life of late nights and the mornings after – about being young and going out a lot. It involves dark thoughts, anxiety, but ends in hope, positivity and optimism.” – Sea Girls*

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in cooperation with Universal Music Germany

Get on your bike – chilled drinks from your favourite off license and off to your local beach, your best friends are already waiting for you. From the first second on, KYTES dive deep into the big city and the dreamy voice of lead singer Michael Spieler invites us to join them on this short trip. Definitely a track to have on the radar for this years festival season, filled with ease, luck and nostalgia.

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“I love creating with people that have a unique eye. The process needs to be fun, so being inspired by each other’s work is important, and I found that with James.” – Bülow*

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“Can’t Fix The Things I Left Behind was written in a sleepless night full of panic attacks, overthinking and “oh fuck, oh fuck I fucked up”’s. It started out as a sad instrumental because of how emo I felt, but the more I blustered myself into feeling so helpless about this other person not feeling the same about me anymore, the angrier I got and the more intense the song became. At one point I just went “fuck this” and throwing those distorted guitars in the track, and screamed the vocals lying on my living room floor, just trying to get it all out of my head somehow. Now I really like the raw emotionality and honesty of the track. It takes me back to how I felt that night and how I don’t ever wanna get that frustrated and lonesome again, and it’s kind of apromise to myself to be better and do better in the future. Life goes on, I can’t dwell on what went wrong or what happened in the past, otherwise you just drown in self-pity.” – Philip Brooks*

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“We may have songs with darkness, but that doesn’t mean we can’t look to the light. ‘Violet’ is wildly optimistic and for the video we find ourselves in an abandoned building and this time we aren’t feeling sorry for ourselves.” – Sea Girls*

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in cooperation with Universal Music Germany

“I wanted this project to amplify a world that is consumed with unjustified hate. A world, where the common denominator of my generation is the fight for hope, unity and the deep desire for equality. Our ideologies are colliding head on with the hate around us, but we are beating it with a bouquet of fucking flowers! I wrote this project about the people I’ve met around the world, the stories I’ve heard and the journeys, that went on inside my own head. The video was shot in Bulgaria with the most incredible young people. They helped me tell this story. They made this video what it is. Thank you.”

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Milky Chance are back with a brand new song and video featuring the fabulous Tash Sultana – ‘Daydreaming’, which marks their first single, of their forthcoming and third studio album ‘Mind the Moon’. “It’s not just a daydream, it’s more like a vision of how things could be, and where you could go. It’s about those mechanisms that starts working when you don’t know how to deal with reality.“ – Milky Chance*

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“‘Hollow’ is a tropical bedroom jam between me and Look Mum No Computer. It’s pretty much all Fender Tele and Kosmo, the Mad Max garbage synth. In keeping with the themes of 404, it’s all about emptiness.” – Barns Courtney*

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“With this video what I wanted to show was a lot of different people in different situations, all reaching some level of comfort within their struggle. That despite whatever hardship they’re enduring, they feel some solace knowing that it will pass and that through love and support from the people closest to them, good times will find them again.” – Dermot Kennedy*

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‘My Cheating Heart’ marks the debut single of Matthew Murphy, better known as Murph, lead singer of British indie-pop-rock trio The Wombats. The name of his solo project is called Love Fame Tragedy and is named after a groundbreaking Picasso exhibition in Tate Modern. Murph will be touring as Love Fame Tragedy in September this year, for some very intimate shows. Here’s his first single and video for ‘My Cheating Heart’.

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“As the name implies, songs take their time in The Slow Show. This is music built to last. That’s not accidental: singer Rob Goodwin and keyboardist Frederick ’t Kindt spent 18 months honing every note of ‘Lust And Learn’ into shape. Kindt helped establish leading Manchester studio Blueprint and knows the best local strings and brass players, who have helped The Slow Show since the start, while the Halle Youth Choir and vocalist Kesha Ellis act as the perfect counterpoints to Goodwin’s rich, sonorous voice.”*

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“Having proven they’re ones to watch after featuring in Noisey UK,CLASH, Fred Perry and Indie Shuffle, supporting Everything Everything and garnering over 15 million streams on Spotify, Indie outfit KYTES return with their infectious indie- disco anthem‘Alright’.”*

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“Sometimes even summer can be an asshole. There’s something quite cynical about it, when the earth relentlessly flourishes and blooms, while the sun seems to be laughing down at you and your stagnating life. A feeling Máni Orrason is all too familiar with, seeing as his life really didn’t want to hop on that summer train last year. With »Privilege Of Time«, the second single from his upcoming EP »BABY ANGEL«, the young Iceland native delivers his counter reaction to that experience and furthermore presents to us his personal summer hit.”*

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Máni’s EP »BABY ANGEL«, will be released in June 2019 via Humming Records.

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The English glam rockers are back with their second studio album ‘Young & Dangerous’ (26the October 2018 via Interscope) and also back on the road and screens of the world. Here’s their latest (lyric) music for ‘In Love With A Camera’.

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We’re kicking off our new weekly topic VIDEO WEDNESDAY with a brand new music video by our dear friends from Parcels and their single ‘Tape’, from their debut album, which is out since October 2018 (Kitsuné).

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*text is taken from the original EPK/press release