“I made the album trying to build an army of love and remind people that they can do incredible things.” – Aurora

It was a rainy summer day in Berlin, when we met the loveliest and most magical creature of all – Aurora. When she came into the room, her aura filled the space with such a special energy. A bit shy in the beginning, but her honest answers and that special kind of a very calming voice and the way Aurora was talking, were just a reflection of her peaceful mind and soul and we truly felt touched by her presence.

The Norwegian singer songwriter Aurora Aksnes, formally known as AURORA, is back with her second studio album ‘A Different Kind Of Human – step 2’ which marks the instalment of ‘Infections Of A Different Kind – step 1’, her EP from 2018. We were talking with Aurora about her latest record, her favourite plant, daemons and fashion of course.

AURORA-5webWhen you woke up this morning- what was the first thing that came to your mind?

I was sleeping quite deeply and then I heard someone knocking at the door, I was at a hotel, it was quite strange but then it was my sister. And then I thought – hmm, hello sister!

What’s the best thing about being an artist and what is the worst?

The best thing is that I can do music and that my words mean something. That is very nice and very beautiful. The worst thing ist hat I have to fly so much.

Nature is kind of an escape, inspiration and  a shelter for you – would you say that you’re good gardener and do you have a favourite plant?

My favourite plant is lavender, it smells really nice and the bees also like that. But I am not a good gardener. I prefer wild flowers that decide for themselves – I like independent nature.

Your second studio album “A Different Kind Of Human (step 2)” is out now – what inspired you the most for writing the album and would you say that you also turned into „A Different Kind Of Human“?

I want people to chose. Cause many people think I named the album „A Different Kind Of Human“ because I am a bit strange. But that has nothing to do with the album, but of course I have always been a bit different. But I think it’s a choice you make. And If everyone made that choice, the world would be wonderful. I was really inspired by traveling around. I saw people around the world and heard their stories and I realised how much we want to be united and how much we have in common. How much potential we have, but people don’t know how much they are really capable of. I made the album trying to build an army of love and remind people that they can do incredible things.

What’s your favourite song on the record?

It changes from time to time. Some days it’s „A Different Kind Of Human“ and sometimes it’s „Soulless Creatures“!

And what’s your favourite song to play live at the moment?

Now it’s „The Seed“. It’s full of anger and I can scream it out. I am in a phase where I want to be explosive and really shout. I love it – it’s very satisfying for me to sing it.

Do you have any good morning shower songs?

I really like listening to The Pointer Sisters with „Jump In or Jump Up“- “Jump In For My Love” is not that known but it’s very nice. In the morning I often feel quite shy to the world so I maybe like to listen to Enya.

In which way are you influenced and inspired by other artists?

Very little. I feel like the whole reason why I began to make music was around the age of 6, when we didn‘t have a radio and I only knew what my mom and dad had on their album collection. So I had little music in my life and what made me want to create music was that I didn’t find any perfect music out there. I wanna make what I feel the world is missing. And I am still working on it, hunting for the perfect thing. But I do get inspired from artists that use their power in a good way. I really enjoy that.

What’s the image of Germany you have after touring here several times?

You have a much more passionate audience than I thought. Cause in Norway people are quite stiff and shy maybe. And I thought it would be the same here but no! And they really understand it when I am being funny, which is really nice because some places they don’t. It’s a good audience, very respcetful. They listen, they care.

What was the most impressive gift you have ever received from a fan? And do you keep them all?

I keep as many as I can get with me. And If I can’t bring them I take pictures and I read all the letters . And many of them I hang up on the walls in my studio. So when I make music, I can look at them. One time I got a wax figure of myself. And it looked very much like me: the clothes and the hair and everything which was very impressive. They are really artistic.

Talking about being artistic – if you had to paint a picture of a daemon what would it looks like and which colour would it be?

I think it would be white. You know sometimes in the history of religion the true daemons can be angels. Some things so white that you are blinded. And white noise also is very annoying.

AURORA-6webFashion wise – what means fashion to you?

When I was little I dressed like I do now. I had many layers. A typical thing like one of each shoe on a different foot cause it looks nice when you look down. I was wearing sleeves. I really liked the characters in the wrestling games, like „Taken“. So I am really inspired by that kind of fashion. And I really like Anime and fantasy books. Also it’s good to have a sister that is a designer so I can ask her to make a dress. I can give her this ugly drawing of a dress and then she always nails it. She is very good!

Do you have an indispensable piece of clothing?

Something I can’t loose? No. I feel like if I use them a lot and I forget things in my hotel room. I feel like the meaning is that we part. I always hope that the maid in the hotel will find it. I feel like if I loose something it is my own fault. It happens a lot to me. I cannot be sad about it.

What do you pack in your suitcase? Do you have any travel essentials?

Yes – I don’t know if this is actually legal, but I bring a lot of candles. And I have incense and a small lighter. I like it when the room smells nice, but I am very careful and often I light it in the bathroom on the tiles. But I know you’re not supposed to do that. But I just do it a little. And I always bring this tiny box with me. I have some lavender in it and a piece of my old hair. And I asked for a sisters tooth (Viktoria). She just pulled out a tooth but she has it in her witch box. Because we all – me, Viktoria and Miranda – we are witches and we have our small boxes with witch stuff inside. I bring mine always. Sometimes I bring my own pillow case and way too many books. The hotel rooms have no personality so it’s nice to bring nice things.

Music is…


Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us and for your honest answers, Aurora. We truly enjoyed your aura and can’t wait to meet you soon, in the near future! If you wanna catch Aurora playing live, visit her website for tour dates and more.

Stay tuned..
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