Bow Anderson

“It’s about knowing your worth and having fun in life!”
– Bow Anderson

Meet 23 year old, Scottish singer-songwriter, Bow Anderson and dive into a new kind of soul meets modern pop. This young lady from Edinburg has power and a very uplifting spirit and is going to serve you some catchy melodies and genuine lyrics.

We met the lovely Bow for a coffee break in sunny Berlin and were talking about her new music, her style and her idols.

Bow-Anderson-7webThanks for taking the time to have a chat with us! It’s not the first time for you coming to Berlin I heard, how do you like Berlin compared to Edinburgh, where you grew up?

Berlin is kinda similar to the UK in some ways. It doesn’t feel too far from home, but I like that it’s quite edgy and quirky.

For your hit single ‚Sweater‘ you created visuals and artworks yourself and you’ve been also part of the video making process – how come and how did it feel to be in control over so many different parts and silhouettes of a single song?

I think I’ve always kinda known, what I like and what I wanted. For the artwork, I wanted it to be modern and stuff, but I wanted to have the soul elements as well. I think it’s great to be in control over it. As an artist you have a visual. It’s nice to be in control as an artist and then the people around me just can help these ideas come to live and make it even better than what it is in my brain, yeah it’s pretty cool. And also I think it’s important to trust the people you are working with!

What’s the best thing about being an artist and what’s the worst?

I’d say the best thing is you get to do what you love everyday and it doesn’t feel like a job at all, it’s just like living the dream really! The worst thing I’d say is the early mornings (laughs).

You just released your new track „Island“, let’s talk about the new track. What’s the inspiration behind your new song?

„Islands“ to me is about that point in a break-up, where you’re finally over someone and it feels good and you feel free. And you know you’re worth, you know you’re better, if someone’s letting you down. For me it was a relationship, but I think it talks to people that are either bullied or have mates who are not really nice to them. It’s about knowing your worth and having fun in live! And knowing that you’re a diamond on an island, that’s the lyrics! It’s a fun song.

You’re working on your first studio album, what can we expect from your songs on that record and from what do you take inspirations to work on the songs for it?

I love soul music. I’ve always loved Motown and soul, going back to like Aretha Franklin and Donny Hathaway, but I wanted it to be more modern than that. Overall of it it will have that 60’s soul vibe but with a modern twist. But it’s about a lot of different things, it’s about a heartbreak, it’s about being strong, being brave, it’s uplifting and it’s just real life! It’s very relatable to most people.

In which way are you influenced and inspired by other artist?

Beyoncé, she’s probably one of the biggest I’d say. She just does what she wants, doesn’t she? She achieves any goals, anything is possible to her. And it just shows that if you put in a lot of graft and hard work you can achieve what you want! So let’s say she’s one of my big inspirations. And then like Michael Jacken, Jackson 5, Bruno Mars – he just does a completely different album, every time he releases and he pulls it off every time! I think a lot of artists do the first album and have a lot of success and then the second album, people get a bit disappointed, like  it’s hard to top it, but Bruno Mars is someone! Lizzo is a new one – I love Lizzo, she’s really inspiring! She does what she wants and make people feel like you can be who you want to be! So she’s pretty cool.

Do you have any childhood heroes?

Oh that’s a hard question! That’s really random, but I’d say the cast from Dream Girls, the movie, with Jennifer Hudson and Beyoncé Knowles. That’s how I got into Motown music, it’s very inspiring to me as a kid.

What’s the last song you were listening to on Spotify?

HAIM! I only got into them recently. They  are so sick, I love their music!

A phone number you will never forget and why?

Ohhh okay (laughs), I mean I remember my own. My host number, my family host number! I can still remember it though (laughs).

Imagine you have to leave to a desert island, which record or song would you take with you?

„I Was Here“ – Beyoncé, I don’t know why! That’s a really hard question! I was thinking about Queen, „Bohemian Rhapsody“ it’s like all the different songs in one. I’m going with that one!

Do you have any specific venue or place in mind you’d really love to play one day?

Headline Glastonbury, that’d be pretty sick! One of the stadiums in London, like the O2 or Wembley or in Edinburgh, there’s Murrayfield Stadium, that’s a Rugby Stadium, but that would be in my hometown. Or Edinburgh Castle!

Your style is very interesting and a refreshing mix, musically and fashion-wise. What means fashion to you and how would you describe your style?

I like fashion! I think I’ve got into it a lot more since I went to London and see more, because anything is accepted, you can just do what you want. I would say my stuff is quite casual and relaxed. I like bold colours and I love trainers. My go to is like mom-jeans, tanktop or cropped hoodie and some coole trainers and hoops. Rings, hoops, necklaces, all of that!

What influences you in the way you dress?

That’s a hard one! I like the 90’s. I feel like fashion does like a circle, it comes back in and I like all the stuff, like mom-jeans, trainers… I got into socks recently (laughs), colorful socks!

Do you have an indispensable piece of clothing, a piece out of your wardrobe you’re always taking with you while traveling or you love to combine in general?

I’d say my tracksuit! It’s comfy. My mom-jeans are like a go-to, because they go with everything, you don’t have to worry what top you’ve got, very handy and a white pair of trainers!

Music is…


Thanks for taking the time to have a chat with us, Bow! Bow is currently working on her first studio album, you’d better get ready for some decent tunes.

Stay tuned..
xx smoke and echoes

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