Is Tropical

Eyes wide open for ‘a four piece that finds it difficult to explain the music they make’ called Is Tropical.

The sound of the London formed band is as various and at the same time unique as music could be. You can hear their different backgrounds and influences in the style of their sound as you can see in the way they dress. Maybe it’s the mix which makes the sound of the music so special. They all know very well how to mix and set a perfect sounding melody to make their music sounds ‘tropical’. Electronic beats are mixed with hints of Alt-J tunes, especially in Simon’s vocals. While the guys are playing a solid show, Kirstie is kicking it completely off with her vocal skill as well as with her attitude and the way she dresses.

We had the pleasure to meet and chat with Is Tropical after their set at Baumhausbar Berlin, for a tiny warm up party for Immergut Festival. Read the full interview below!


Who are you?istropical-9web
A four piece that finds it difficult to explain the music they make.

Where are you from?
The band is London born. We grew up split north and south of the country, but like a lot of creative youth headed to London.

Where have you met?
We met in a squat in Peckham that we turned into an art gallery. We began playing after the monthly art shows which led getting bookings in other venues, kinda went from there.

Why did you name the band ‘Is Tropical’?
The squat was super cold in the winter, no backdoor, missing windows etc. So ‘Tropical’ was a form of escapism. The ‘Is’-part is from our old bass’ Liverpudlian slang.

What is your music about and how would you describe your style?
Each album has a loose theme. First was a bit mystical story telling. Second was about death and the new one I guess, about life. Hard to pin point a style as we’re influenced by so much, in 2016 fitting in a genre is not massively important, more to flirt with all.

In which way are you influenced and inspired by other artists?
Watching others play is very inspiring, touring with other bands you learn a lot about writing, performing, singing, partying etc.

What’s on your MP3/iPod?
Babyfather, Abra, Tommy genius, Jane Weaver, Stereolab, Stimming, Eno … to name a few.

Imagine if you could choose another decade of music and fashion, which one would it be?
We love modernity so it’s hard to look back. But if we had to maybe around the early synth days of the 70’s.

What means fashion to you?
Being free to wear what you want. A lot of the times it’s uniforms to different subcultures, a way of being part of a group.

How would you describe your style?
Mainly things we get free, and black.

What influences you in the way you dress?
What doesn’t smell on tour and designer friends.

Indispensable piece of clothing for you?
A silk trench coat from a thrift store in Bushwick, New York for 5$.

What did you pack in your suitcase?
Old VHS camera, wet wipes, Cold Case box set, pearl earrings, socks and pants.

Thanks a lot guys for the interview!

We can’t wait to dance again to their beats ’cause ‘[…] it’s been a long time, since [we]’ve been on the floor’! Don’t miss them at Immergut Festival the 28th of May 2016!

stay tuned..

xx Jules & Christian

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