We Are The City


‘Kiss me honey like you mean it and repeat it!’

There are a couple of words which came directly into our minds when we went to that absolutely fantastic gig of We Are The City at Immergut Festival 2016. Powerful, energetic, creative, talented, catchy,… just to mention a few. We’re totally fascinated by those three Canadians. Their sound is pretty dynamic and epic, mixed with gentle harmonies and smart lyrics, rock and pop notes. All in all their music is very various and really worth to listen to.

Andrew, Cayne and David are not just making music together, they’re also pretty talented and interested in making movies. So they decided to make a documentary in combination with their latest album ‘Above Club’ (link below). They earlier started scripting and were also premiering with their movie ‘Violent’ at the film festival in Cannes in 2014. We met them guys after their set at Immergut Festival and had a talk about their new album and what they’re think about fashion and how they like to dress. Some answer we think were pretty interesting, check out the interview below.

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wearethecity-1webWho are you?
We are Andrew, Cayne, and David and we’re in a band called We Are The City.

Where are you from?
We call Vancouver, Canada home.

Where have you met?
Cayne and David met early on in elementary school. Cayne and Andrew met later on in high school. As it turns out, school is good for a great many things, including starting a rock band.

Why did you name your band We Are The City?
There are offshoots of separate thoughts, but the core idea has remained unchanged. The name represents the idea that the band and what we do is considered to be a beacon.

You just released a brand new Album plus a documentary called ‘Above Club’, what is it about?
The documentary follows the mythological narrative behind the making of the album. When we were recording Above Club, we came up with the concept to create a story on social media that said the album was being recorded above a club in Serbia, where we stayed up all night and nearly drove ourselves insane, live streaming the entire process on the internet. While elements from the myth are indeed true, the setting was a fiction. The documentary reveals how we manipulated social media to tell that story.

Why did you decide to make a documentary while recording the album? What was the idea behind?
Well actually the actual recording of the album involved no cameras. It was a very closed off process. We didn’t even tell our friends or fellow bands that we were recording an album for about a year. The documentary was filmed after, when we were shooting the “live” stream that we then broadcasted.

In which way are you influenced and inspired by other artist?
We are inspired by many artists. Right now, I’m excited by the visual/sonic artist Ryoji Ikeda. His work is fascinating.

What’s on your MP3/iPod?
Right now it’s the new Beyoncé, new Kanye, Arca, a little R.E.M. and a lot of Death Grips.

Imagine if you could choose another decade of music and fashion, which one would it be?
Fifty years from now. I have no desire to go back in time.

What means fashion to you?
Fashion is a fun game. Those who take it too seriously, miss the point. Those who don’t take it seriously enough, miss the point as well.

How would you describe your style?
Graphic t’s under a full dress suit. Anything goes.

What influences you in the way you dress?
Women. Not the allure of women and not to say that women influence my style, but rather that the way women’s clothing is designed to fit a body is interesting. I’m not even to say that I wear women’s clothing, only that it’s interesting.

Indispensable piece of clothing for you?
I can’t think of one. I suppose that the moment you hold onto a piece of clothing, or anything you won for that matter, it sort of limits how you move forward in your style. I say it’s a good thing for me if I lose my favourite shirt, or get a big rip in my main pair of shoes. It means I have to move on, and get confident in some other something.

What did you pack in your suitcase?
I’ve got some shirts, a pair of pants, the usual socks and undies and my tour shirt. I’ve always got a tour shirt. This time is a striped button up, all the red lines have run into the white, but I still like it.

Thanks a lot for the interview guys – keep up the great work and ‘kiss me honey like you mean it and repeat it’!

Watch the documentary ‘Above Club’ in full here: http://www.wearethecity.ca/documentary/

Stay tuned..

xx Jules & Christian

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