The Hunna

Keep ’em eyes wide open for ‘100’ – the debut album of THE HUNNA, which will be released the 24th August ’16.

We’ve met THE HUNNA lads after their smashing gig in Berlin. It was a tiny venue in Kreuzberg (Musik & Frieden), but the band and the crowd as well were knowing well how to rock the house.

Head over to our interview from earlier this year:

Here’s our latest photo story!

Stay tuned for ‘100’ and a 100 more Hunna stories.

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hunnalads-5web hunnalads-6web hunnalads-7web hunnalads-8web hunnalads-9web hunnalads-10webhunnalads-4web hunnalads-11web hunnalads-12web hunnalads-13web hunnalads-14web hunnalads-15web hunnalads-16web hunnalads-17web hunnaladsweb

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